Properties in Mallorca

Investment with additional value

The dream ...

… of many British and other Europeans is to have their own property on the island of Mallorca.

Mallorca is the most popular holiday destination in the Mediterranean. Fine sandy beaches, breathtaking cliffs and hidden picturesque bays alternate along its coast. And in the interior there are landscapes untouched by tourism, quiet villages and impressive mountain regions.

Good accessibility, from almost every major city in Europe, a warm climate, a high level of security and the friendly host culture of the local population are important prerequisites for returning to a location again and again.

Mallorca is a paradise for almost everyone: 300 days of sunshine, pleasant temperatures and an excellent infrastructure.

Cyclists and golfers discovered this perfect combination years ago. Every spring countless professionals and amateurs pedal on Mallorca and bring life to the off-season.

Golfers will find enough variety on over 20 golf courses and thus increase quality tourism.

Summer belongs to water sports enthusiasts. Swimmers, divers, rowers and other athletes ensure a colorful ambiance on the many long beeches along Mallorca’s coast.

Tennis is in, as always. Perfectly designed tennis clubs offer well-maintained courts almost everywhere on the island.

More and more hikers have discovered Mallorca for themselves and breathe life into the far-reaching Tramuntana mountains, especially in the off-season.

This list could go on and on, because Mallorca offers the best conditions for almost every imaginable activity.

It is therefore not surprising that Mallorca was and is chosen as the perfect location and safe haven for the dream properties of many Europeans.

You probably will see it the same way!

Location, location, location

These are the 3 most important criteria for determining the location of the perfect real estate investment? A real estate investment only becomes a successful model with the right location.

Mallorca stands for location, location, location like no other destination.

* Your future family center of life,
* A sound Investment, or
* Yourexistential property,

choosing Mallorca as your location, will be a life changing decision.

Center of life

More and more British are finding their new year-round home on Mallorca. With the international schools on Mallorca and the Spanish state school and university system, the children on Mallorca have the same opportunities as in Great Britain.

Due to the increasingly popular form of working in the home office, Mallorca will continue to gain popularity in the future. Sporadically planned personal meetings can be realized quickly and cheaply thanks to the dense network of flight connections to almost every major city in the EU.

Capital investment

A capital investment has the greatest chance of success if, in addition to increasing value, continuous rentability is guaranteed. It has been known for years that due to the unbroken demand, purchase prices are rising and living space for rent is in short supply. Renting an apartment or a house on Mallorca makes good investment sense.

Existential property

MMallorca and tourism belong together. Mallorca offers a rock solid location for a promising existential property. Whether hotel, guesthouse, restaurant or café.

Our services

We have been active in Mallorca since 1996 and offer various services in all aspects of Mallorca property.


You want to purchase a property in Mallorca! Good decision – a property in Mallorca is an investment with added value.

In addition to the monetary aspects of purchasing a property in Mallorca, owners also appreciate the great possibilities of using a Mallorca property. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Mallorca all year round, enjoy the most beautiful weeks of the year or just want to experience a long weekend to relax here. The time you spend here is pure joy.

Buying a property in Mallorca is of course an emotional thing. Nevertheless, one should keep a clear head in the buying phase and observe important rules when purchasing.

Safe "land register" and clear rules

Finding a property in Mallorca is not particularly difficult. There are enough offers and with clear ideas and a few viewings, the private contract is quickly concluded and the deposit paid.

The “land register” inspection goes quickly, if financing is required, the financing check runs parallel so that the purchase can be notarized within a few weeks.

But has everything been checked sufficiently in advance ?

Following clear rules from the beginning means having more fun with the property in the future and avoiding unpleasant surprises, which usually show up a little later, such as:

* If the annual taxes are payable,
* If repairs are necessary that have been decided by the owners association,
* If licenses for renovations are required,
* etc., etc., etc.

As a broker with 25 years experience in Mallorca , we know what is important before buying and what needs to be considered for the future.

Cost - upon acquisition and after

In addition to the purchase price, the following additional purchase costs are incurred during the purchase. In addition, one should not lose sight of the running costs for the time after the purchase.

The real estate transfer tax (ITP) is due, among other things, when purchasing a used residential property and amounts to between 8 and 11% of the purchase price, depending on the purchase price.

When purchasing a new residential property, the reduced value added tax of 10% of the purchase price applies instead of the real estate transfer tax. Purchases of non-residential real estate, such as Shops, parking spaces (which are not purchased directly with the residential property), etc., are taxed at the normal VAT rate of 21%. Of course, the Spanish VAT is very specifically and should be viewed on a case-by-case basis, so that professional advice should always be included when making purchases.

The notarial costs are around 0.2% of the purchase price.

The stamp duty is due for almost every official certification and is usually 1.2% of the value to be certified.

There are usually no additional brokerage fees for normal purchases. In the case of special orders and the brokerage of bank real estate (bank realizations), the buyer has to pay brokerage fees in addition to the agreed purchase price. These are usually between 2 and 6% of the agreed purchase price.

In cases in which a bank loan (mortgage loan) is to be used to finance the purchase price, there are costs for the notarization of the mortgage as well as mortgage taxes, stamp taxes and other processing fees, such as that of the financing bank.

In addition to the costs mentioned above, there will be additional costs in the future that must be observed, such as:

* Consumption-based costs for utilities (electricity, gas, water, etc.),
* Costs of care and maintenance,
* Annual property tax (mostly together with the annual waste disposal costs),
* If limits are exceeded, wealth taxes may also apply


Emotions play just as important a role in selling as they are in buying.

Many property owners call their home in Mallorca their dream, so even selling it becomes an emotional matter. Nevertheless, it is important to keep a clear head in the sales phase.

Sales can be planned

No sales portfolio with hundreds of properties fits our philosophy! Sales success is directly related to the activities and resources that can be brought in. It is understandable that we only process qualified orders manageable quantities that we are able to process.

It is important to us not only to know the property based on the reference number, the view and the number of bedrooms. We are interested in the overall condition of the property. In addition to the entries in the land register and cadastre, we are interested in the building and its development (building licenses, etc.), technology, taxes, and much more. The initially higher effort to get to know each other has so far proven itself during every sale.

The decision has been made

The decision has been made for you: you want to sell your property. That’s good! We are constantly looking for interesting offers for our registered prospective buyers.

Would you like to find out more about selling ?

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Building is at least as popular as buying an existing property!

There is just as much talk about building as about buying an existing property. The question arises again and again: “Why build a villa or a finca? There are already many great properties on offer. “

Right ! Nevertheless, those who have clear ideas about their own property in Mallorca cannot avoid building.

If you also analyze real estate prices, which have been rising for years, and compare them with the actual costs for planning, material and labour, building quickly becomes interesting.

* no compromises in design, layout, equipment, etc.,
* lower use of funds (with correct comparison!)

* Land selection
* Planning and construction time (approx. 2 years)

Building in Mallorca - plan, coordinate and control

Even with the best planners, the most creative interior designers and the most skilled craftsmen, a building project will only achieve the desired result with extensive control.

We support you with the planning and license procurement, coordinate the invitation to tender and the solicitation of offers as well as control the processes from the “groundbreaking” to the “turnkey handover” of the construction project.


Our 3D BIM planning goes far in depth and records materials, quantities and dimensions in great detail. This helps to identify planning errors in advance and issues tender documents that enable realistic cost calculations.

This is the basis for stress-free building!

Reference selection of various buildings created by us
Port Andratx
Residential complex consisting of 13 apartments in 4 residential buildings
Puerto Portals
Residential complex consisting of 9 apartments in 2 residential buildings
Es Capdella - Andratx
Mediterranean-style country house with pool
Mediterranean villa with pool
Port Andratx - Marmacen
Mediterranean villa with pool
Santa Ponsa
Mediterranean villa with pool

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Acquire cheaply and adapt to your own needs

Renovating is trendy, but it still has to be skillful, especially on Mallorca.

Many of our builders start with a property to renovate. “Learning by doing” is the right strategy in many cases, but here, too, planning, coordination and control are among the most important issues in project implementation.

We support you with the planning and the license procurement, coordinate the invitation to tender and the solicitation of offers as well as control the processes from the “groundbreaking” to the “turnkey handover” of the construction project.


Our 3D BIM planning goes into great depth and records materials, quantities and dimensions in great detail. This helps to identify planning errors in advance and issues tenders that enable realistic cost calculations.

This is the basis for stress-free building!

In addition to the usual building processes, there are other questions that need to be answered:

* what can and what can be canceled?
* which building systems and materials are compatible with the existing building?
* how do you coordinate the renovation with the neighbors?
* etc., etc., etc.

We know these questions, which we have implemented in numerous renovation contracts.

Tried and tested many times:

Acquire a cheap property from our selected range of bank properties and renovate it with us:

With our reliable team of craftsmen, we renovate / refurbish high quality, quickly and at the previously agreed conditions.

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Planning and Architecture

After a clear decision has been made, planning forms the basis of success.

Here, too, we have standardized the processes so that nothing is left to chance.
* Collection of ideas
* Feasibility study
* Adaptation
* Model design (3D project development)
* Adaptation
* Building application
* Tender
* Award of tenders
* Start of building
* Construction supervision and possibly correction
* Completion
* Approval and legalization

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